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FIVKLEMNZ is a youthful and enthusiastic brand that was founded in 2019 with a keen focus on rooftop cargo carriers. 

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Frequently asked questions

How to Mount a Thule Roof Box

Mounting a roof box to your luggage rack is a fairly straightforward process. Most of them come with an installation guide as well as a few U-brackets to ensure for a quick installation.

You may need to reposition the holes on your Thule roof box; it takes trial and error. Position the box as close to the center as you can. Then, use the U-brackets to secure the box to the luggage rack. A few quick turns and they should be secured properly.

Do this all the way around the box and it should sit snugly and securely to the luggage rack.

Do Thule Roof Boxes Fit Any Roof Bars?

When buying a Thule roof box, it is important to know if it will fit your vehicle’s luggage rack. The short answer is that, no, Thule roof boxes are not universal.

Check the Thule rack model number and a quick search should tell you if it is compatible with your style of luggage rack. It is possible that you may have to install a Thule rooftop rack system to fit the Thule roof boxes.

Make sure that you check before buying because it can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle along the way.

What Is a Roof Bag?

Luggage racks can be hugely helpful for those who like to travel and not have to leave anything behind. But protection for the vehicle is of the utmost importance.

A roof bag provides protection for the roof’s finish and cushions the load of the roof box. For cars that don’t have a roof rack, they are highly recommended. You can probably get away with not using one on a car that has a rack, but it’s still advised.

Extra protection from scratching and damaging the finish of the car is always a good idea.

What Is a Sportrack Cargo Box?

People taking road trips need to bring quite a few things with them. Instead of packing the car up tightly, they can pack up the cargo box and store it on the luggage rack located on the roof of the car.

A Sportrack Cargo Box allows for greater storage capacity without the need to pack every inch of the car. It can be hugely convenient for those taking long road trips who want to ensure that they have not missed anything in the packing process. 

They install easily over the luggage rack, just make sure that they are compatible.

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